Signature HealthCARE of Pikeville Recognizes John Webb

John Stanley Webb was born in Columbus, Ohio to a family of two brothers and one sister. John graduated from Inglewood High School in Inglewood, Calif. John didn’t go to college, but instead enlisted in the United States Air Force and eventually became a welding instructor. What makes John Webb so special is his strong work ethic and his belief in God.

These two attributes took him to the Philippines with the hope of building a homeless shelter for the locals. He had designed a building that would house several families which could be built with minimal costs and largely untrained labor. When he returned to Pike County, his goal was to inform local churches about the needs of the Filipino people. John worked his whole life, yet the Philippines remained at the fore of his mind.

Throughout the years he sent the majority of his own pension to the Philippines to continue to support his work. John was informed about an employee on the Virgin Islands who was not able to afford the hospital bills for the birth of his child, so John paid for the maternity ward care. One of his sons said, “Others’ fathers play golf on Saturdays, but my father, he builds castles.”