Elders Make a Difference in Our Lives

Since I have been the chaplain at Signature HealthCARE of Pikeville, all that I’ve heard from other people is: “It’s so great how you take care of those poor souls,” as if the people we work with are something other than human beings. What they don’t understand is that these lovely people inspire and help us more than we could ever help them.

We have an elder here that can only move her head, but every time I talk to her and ask how she is, she says, “Blessed.” We have another elder that just turned 92, and he says all the time that he will come back and see us when he goes home, because such good people need to have a visit every now and again.

I have Bible study three times a week, and every time I have one, a 95-year-old lady comes. She used to be a missionary and brought the gospel to these parts in the 1940s. She’s even taught a couple of our other elders in bible school.

These are just some of the examples of the blessed job I have to come to on a daily basis, so if anybody is a “poor soul,” it’s me, because I am lifted up by these wonderful people everyday of my life. Nursing homes fall into the analogy “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” We may look like an old folks home, but in truth, we have a building full of wonderful stories and wonderful people that we have the privilege of caring for.